Malema Shakes South Africa
19 March 2023
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By-The Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg has authorised the EFF to proceed with the national shutdown scheduled for Monday.

This was after the DA had filed an urgent court application on Friday to declare the planned shutdown unlawful saying it wasn’t protected under a notice granted in terms of the Gatherings Act.

Judge Leicester Adams handed down judgment electronically on Saturday morning.

The court authorised the EFF to proceed with the shutdown albeit on the following conditions:

1). The EFF was prohibited from promoting, instigating or organising the blocking of roads or railway lines and any unlawful conduct, as well as inciting violence.

2). The court also ordered the EFF to inform its “members, employees and officials as well as all persons to whom it had given notice of the national shutdown” of the court order through social media, by email and by all other appropriate means available to it, by no later than 17:00 on Saturday.

Earlier, the Western Cape High Court granted an urgent ban and ordered the EFF and its supporters not to harm or threaten people and businesses during their protests. 

Judge Mark Sher issued a list of conditions after the City of Cape Town and Western Cape Premier Alan Winde applied for the restriction order.

The City and Winde said threats of harm had escalated since the City granted its march permit on 7 March.

The EFF has urged South Africans to take to the streets on Monday over load shedding and has called on President Cyril Ramaphosa to resign.

The party also warned businesses to close on the day or risk being looted, according to local media.

President Cyril Ramaphosa is vowing swift action against any intimidation by protesters on Monday.