Two Women Break New Ground In Zanu Pf Primary Elections Race For Chiredzi
19 March 2023
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By A Correspondent- For the first time in the history of Chiredzi politics, two female candidates have joined the race for parliamentary seats, unfortunately in the same constituency, as Zanu PF heads for primary elections on March 18, with candidates exploring every little opportunity to elbow each other off the race.

Retired Detective Darlington Chiwa’s former wife, Miriam Dhanda joined the race for Chiredzi West, together with Eustina Magocha, who is in the provincial women’s league.

The two women however face a daunting task in their bid to unseat incumbent MP Farai Musikavanhu.

Dhanda has been with the grassroots ever since Chiwa joined politics after retiring from the police force and she is well versed with the politicking of the area, though in most communities, women are deemed inferior to men which may prove to be their only disadvantage.

Chiredzi West constituency is another seemingly tricky battle ground where Roy Bhila is backing Retired Detective Darlington Chiwa, who was defeated by Musikavanhu during the last primary elections.

South African based flamboyant businessman, Shingirai Mubhoyi is also aiming to represent the ruling party in the same constituency, which might be a mammoth task for him, taking into consideration the ties Chiwa has with the Triangle community with Bhila covering him in the wards which were once in Chiredzi North.

The educator and DCC vice chairperson, Norman Sharara is also battling it out with other titans to represent the party in the forthcoming harmonized elections.

Sharara is one of the oldest party cadres, who at consensus should be given the post on a silver platter if the situation was different.

Some aspiring councillors are pumping money towards their campaign especially in the newly established Chiredzi Central constituency.

Chiredzi district, after the Zimbabwe Electoral Commissions (ZEC) delimitation exercise, was left with five from previously four constituencies namely Chiredzi South, North, West, Central and East with most constituencies having more than three candidates vying for tickets to represent Zanu PF in the harmonized polls set for later this year.

In Chiredzi Central, the most heated constituency, two titans, Farai Musikavanhu, a Former Agricultural Director at Tongaat Hulett Zimbabwe (THZ) and currently Chiredzi West Member of Parliament will battle it out with Former Chiredzi Town Council (CTC) chairperson Francis Moyo.

It is still not clear who will make it, though Moyo, a few weeks ago made headlines in newspapers over a Nhamo Commission report, which implicated him in some of the issues which many commented were to the best interest of residents, is seemingly to be gaining ground.

Another geographically big constituency but less populated, Chiredzi South, where Retired Brigadier General Kalisto Gwanetsa is current MP, is still tricky, as part of it was affected by the Dendairy Lucerne project, which may cost him in the upcoming elections as he is poised to battle with former Police Officer and businessman, Joel Sithole.

Only two candidates are also competing in this constituency, with Gwanetsa having an upper hand due to his developmental efforts and good rapport with Zanu PF branches and councillors as compared to Sithole.

Another candidate who might have it easy is Roy Bhila of Chiredzi North who previously garnered close to 50 000 votes during the 2018 harmonized elections. Though the constituency, which was cut both sides into East and West, has no history of retaining a seating MP, the candidates he is facing are presumably weak and cannot match his antics.

Before the delimitation exercise, Shingirayi Mubhoyi, a South African based businessperson was the one who once shook Bhila’s fontanel before he was cut to Chiredzi West.

In Chiredzi North, Bhila will battle it out with Neromwe Chieftainship candidate, Joseph Matumba of the Romwe clan, who is a former Central Intelligence Officer (CIO).

Matumba is not a much threat as he was once completely defeated in the run up to 2018 harmonized elections.

Daniel Mawere, a civil servant is also willing to battle it out with Roy Bhila.

Mawere is currently Zanu PF District Coordinating Committee’s (DCC) Secretary for Information, with ward 20 councillor Yeukai Matsaure also vying for the same post.

In Chiredzi East, all is not well for the former Intelligence Officer, Denford Masiya who has been openly discussed by his royalties that he no longer represents their interests.

Masiya was taking advantage of the Xhangani Community, whose other wards were migrated to Chiredzi South, with the Ndau’s under Chief Gudo also being merged into Chiredzi East, as they are willing to give one of their own Siyaki Mundungehama, DCC chairperson a chance to represent their constituency.

Another former Intelligence Officer and former Provincial Political Commissar Jevas Masosota, is seemingly a better candidate than Masiya, with some allegiance to the remaining Xhangani wards whose interests in Parliament he can represent, will have to face a stiff competition from Mundungehama than from Masiya.

His chances to represent the party are very slim, though he is well popular in the district.