Chief Charumbira: Cde Chamisa Must Stop Fighting And Join ED In A GNU
20 March 2023
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Chief Fortune Charumbira: Have you ever heard Chamisa has fought someone?

I want you to get that. The MPs in parliament …there is a restaurant where all of them eat together. But this time you hear some saying so and so has sold out. But your leaders are here. Stop hating each other in the country.

You heard that I know Cde Chamisa for a long time since the days when he started going for presidency. I asked him in 2018, but you and Mnangagwa aren’t you both Karangas? You are both Karangadls, so why are you fighting? We used to agree. Even today we still say this country used to full of joy. Some are saying why are we fighting? Some are printing ballot papers. Let’s go and waln together this thing of elections makes us lose some money from those who will say you fought each other so we won’t give you millions. So my relative… I told you last time. I said to you Chamisa, why don’t you go drunk tea with President?

Some are saying tea can’t be drunk. So let’s arrange one that people can drink. Up to today I tell my younger today you have clashed you and Mnangagwa… you are brothers, so why don’t you drink tea together? Both of you are mine. We will say each person brings their own teabag. The only thing to share is electricity and you drink together…. ask me, i want you to walk together. We want our people to unite. He has my phone number. Let’s Co rinse ranking. This thing of elections, let’s do away with it. Let’s do it so that no one will lose. Isn’t it?… that’s why I said in peace… I want to assist.

I will be called to State House as Chief… even though he is ky relative.

We don’t clash with Chamisa because he is brains, my own also are advanced brains. So we agree on brains. We thank you. Everyone is here. Charumbira people you have made me glad. You have honoured the Mafume family. This thing of elections we………