Exam Registration Deadline Shifted
20 March 2023
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Parents have praised the Zimbabwe School Examination Council (Zimsec) for extending the June exams registration period for Ordinary and Advanced level from March 15 to this week’s Friday.

Parents and guardians are free to pay the costs with Zimbabwe dollars, rand, or US dollars, according to a statement from Zimsec.

While fees are set in US dollars, local currency payments must be made at the current exchange rate; for this week’s payments, Zimsec is utilising the rate of March 17, which is $1 Oog:US$1.
The warning stated: “Stakeholders and clients must remember that Government subsidies does not apply to candidates retaking any topics, BEAM does not sponsor retake examinations, and applicants should have satisfied the CALA requirements in order to appear for the June tests.
A parent from Ruwa named Ms. Brenda Taodzera praised Zimsec for the additional time.
Zimsec did the right thing by extending the registration period because it gave Ms. Taodzera and her family more time to pay the examination expenses for their kids.
When Mr. Tarusango Mahara of Harare received his pay, he exclaimed.