Mnangagwa Totally Abandons Teachers
20 March 2023
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More than 400% salary increment to securocrats is a bribe: CCC Namibia advocates for parity in civil service.

20 March 2023

Citizens Coalition for Namibia advocates for equality within the civil service. It is quite perturbing that the clueless regime has chosen to increase the salaries of soldiers, police, and CIOs neglecting the health, education, and other sectors which are also receiving slave wages from the politically bankrupt ZANU-PF regime.

Reliable sources unearthed that teachers, nurses, and the rest of the civil servants had their meeting postponed to Monday (today) while the security sector was allocated an increment of more than 400% which translates to 450 000 rtgs and 250US$. It is unacceptable to look down upon educators and those who are in the health sector because they are also scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal per day since they get unsalted peanuts as their remuneration. Citizens in Namibia are convinced that this salary increment is an attempt to bribe the sector toward July\August watershed elections.

It is not a secret that educators and those in the health fraternity deserve a living wage that will capacitate them to deliver quality services in the country. Teachers are on record demanding better salaries but they are completely neglected. Initially, they were simply demanding restoration of the pre-October 2018 salary of 540US$ before they adjusted it to US$1200 due to hyperinflation in the motherland. It has become clear that ZANU-PF prioritizes members of the security department because they are routinely exploited to crackdown on the masses whenever they try to voice up calling for salary increment.

Our message to ZANU-PF is unequivocal! We urge the sadist government to respect all its civil servants. On 1 August 2018 after the harmonized elections, Zimbabweans witnessed the ruthless shooting of protesters in Harare by soldiers. It is through such bribes that the security sector is incentivised to shoot live ammunition on innocent and defenceless citizens exercising their constitutional rights enshrined in the supreme law of the fatherland. The regime should treat civil servants equally.

Teachers, nurses, doctors, agritex officers, cleaners, etc deserve salary increment since they are also incapacitated. We are cognizant of the fact that ZANU-PF is attempting to capture the security members, hoodwinking them using salary increment so that come election season, they obviously take instructions from the shake-shake building. This attempt to manipulate the security sector should be resisted with a double measure. Other civil servants must peacefully pent up their outrage demanding a living wage from the insensitive government. Zimbabwe does not belong to ZANU-PF and its corruptible security sector.

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia encourages the secluded civil servants to amplify their voices castigating the unsalted peanuts from the desperate regime. They should put pressure so that the unpopular regime treats them in the same way with fellow colleagues. We are aware that the policemen were receiving some sort of indoctrination in the name of patriotism. Citizens are conscious to the fact that all securocrats are going to be coerced to vote ZANU-PF through command voting. It is now obvious after this biased, selective and unfair increment from the frustrated regime is meant to divide the civil service. They are buying support and loyalty, this is a fraud.

We condemn the rigging of elections through such primitive technique of state capture. The security sector should bear in mind that their children anticipate to receive quality health services and high sounding education from the neglected constituencies. They must comprehend the negative impact of incapacitated educators and health workers on their children especially when they are hungry, cynical and disillusioned.

Mr. Mnangagwa should ensure that civil servants are put at par considering their different grades. The national cake belongs to all and sundry hence selecting the security sector alone is corruption and gross abuse of the doctrine of equality and justice. Demanding equity is now imperative! Organize or Starve! CCC Namibia notes the need to unite all victims of this painful development against the incompetence exhibited by ZANU-PF morons.

As social democrats who subscribe to freedom, justice and equality, we encourage all civil servants to register big, elect big, and protect big in July\August. The only option available for the victims of slave wages is to vote for a complete metamorphosis championed by the change champion in chief President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. CCC Namibia begs the victims to resist displacements during elections, a skill used by ZANU-PF to deny them their voting rights by deploying them far away from their polling stations. Sacrificing an allowance of 100US$ for 5 years is unreasonable.

Teachers, nurses, doctors, and rest should be deployed as presiding officers in their wards and constituencies so that their constitutional right to vote is not violated. They should know that their vote is their salary! Their vote is their better livelihood! Their vote is their independence and voice!




CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya