“Call Me” By CLiVE
21 March 2023
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CLiVE Inc th parthership with Ampstreet have announced the release of Curry C’s latest single, Call Me, a hip-hop/RnB fusion that is sure to get listeners moving. The song, produced by Q.C, showcases the group’s unique style and infectious energy.
With a catthy beat and smooth vocals, ‘Call me’ is a standout addition to the hip-hop/RnB genre. The lyrics, penned by Current Chaterera, explore themes of love, passion, and the ups and downs of relationships, delivered with a raw and authentic sensibility.
‘Call me’ is a reflection of our experiences and the emotions that come with falling in love,” says Curry C. “We wanted to create something that would resonate with our fans and capture the essence of what it means to be th a long relationship.”
The release of ‘Call me’ marks Curry C’s latest foray into the world of hip-hopiRnB, following the success of his previous single, Game Changer. The artist has amassed a loyal following, with his unique sound and dynamic energy captivatthg audiences around the world.
“We’re excited to share ‘Call me’ with his fans and introduce his music to new listeners. We hope that this song will inspire people to dance, sing along, and connect with the message behind the music.” Wilfred A Mumba.