Mnangagwa Flying 150 Green Bombers To London
21 March 2023
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By Business Reporter | As ZANU PF President Emmerson Mnangagwa prepares to fly to London for the King Charles’s coronation, on 1 May. Zimbabwe is sending with him 150 untrained civilian bouncers to restrain protesters against him.

The government is currently engaged in mass printing of diplomatic passports for the bouncers, source say are untrained security personnel in the category of the so called green bombers, a state youth militia.

Some of the so called bodyguards will be demonstrating in support of Mnangagwa, while others will be thwarting anti-Mnangagwa demos, cabinet sources told ZimEye.

Current fears are that Mnangagwa will be confronted by angry mobs the type that stopped him from drinking beer with his supporters when he was last in the UK, at the COP26 Clomate Change Conference in 2021.

The diplomatic passports will help protect the bouncers from British prosecution should they commit crimes such as violence against protesters.

Due to the high number of civilians to be used for security purposes, the development will see hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money being abused, as expenses will be blown for not only the bouncers, but numerous hangers ons, who include children of government officials.

The frightening extent of the deployment of bouncers in a foreign country, seen by ZimEye, highlights the horror of what the Zimbabwean government will do back at home.

Can Zimbabwe afford the expenditure?

The Ministry Of Foreign Affiars was still to comment at the time of writing.