Zanu PF Announces New Dates For Delayed Primaries
22 March 2023
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By- Zanu PF has announced the new dates for its aborted primary elections.

The internal polls were postponed last week because of chaos in the planning system and will now be held this Saturday.

In an update, the party’s political commissar, Mike Bimha said his boss, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, had slated the primary elections for 25 March 2023. He said:

The Politburo finalized the list of candidates. His Excellency directed that the primary elections will be held on Saturday 25 March from 7.00 to 4 pm.

The thrust was to make sure that everyone meeting the criteria was not blocked. The PB met on Monday to go through the CVs. A decision was made to allow members from the CCC and MdC as returnees to contest if they wanted to for any seats that they so desired. 

Those from CCC were, however, denied to contest at the senatorial level. 

Bimha said the results of the primary elections will be announced next week.

He also said the provinces, led by the Politburo, are holding meetings to announce the members who qualified to contest in the election. 

Those who would have won in the primary elections will represent ZANU PF in the national harmonised elections scheduled for July this year.