Zimbos Flood ‘Man Of Gold’ Uebert Angel’s Dubai Crusade Flier
24 March 2023
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Angry after a damning Al Jazeera documentary that exposed underhand gold dealings involving discredited individuals, angry Zimbabweans have flooded Uebert Angels Twitter account where he shared details of his church crusade set for Dubai this Friday evening.

Below are some of the damning replies to the above Twitter post;

“Dzorai mari or gold hushumira hugofamba mushe. Toshumira sei Johovah imi muchi creator nhamo kudai”

May you give us your side of view sir tizive kty hatisi kutungamirirwa nembavha

Criminal mastermind. Musatanyoko!

Man of gold , how come u could not prophecies the camera secretly screening behind? I more thing betting is gambling ityai Mwari.

Thief and you call youself a man of God, blasphemy at its highest level

Hazvisi zve church zvawavinga uko Dubai, go and settle your deals well there