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27 March 2023
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2018-2023 REPORT CARD

 20 March 2023

TO: Dzivaresekwa citizens and Stakeholders

On 5th September 2018 at 1134hrs your MP held the Bible in Parliament and swore that he will be faithful to Zimbabwe and that he will uphold the constitution and other laws of Zimbabwe and that he will perform his duties as a National Assembly Member faithfully to the best of his ability. 

Edwin Mushoriwa

As the 5-year parliamentary term comes to its end, as your MP, I submit this report card to the people of Dzivaresekwa constituency. The report card is divided into the three traditional roles plus the other two contemporary roles of a Member of Parliament namely:

  • Oversight
  • Representational
  • Legislative
  • Ambassadorial role
  • Developmental role


This is the process of passing of laws whether new or amending existing laws. As your MP, and with regards to these roles, I executed my duties diligently and listed below are some of the few selected Bills that your MP participated in.

  1. Since the commencement of my tenure, I was key in debating and causing progressive amendments to the Finance Bill, the Appropriation Bill and the National Budget
  2. Your MP also actively contributed and caused amendments to Financial Bills that came to Parliament such as Insurance and Pension Bills where he advocated for compensation of Pensioners and Insurance policy holders who lost pension and insurance values due to the 2008 economic collapse and the 2019 currency changes.
  3. I was key in opposing the draconian Private Voluntary Organization [PVO] amendment Bill which sought to stifle activities of Civic Society Organization that help our communities. Unfortunately, in spite of the spirited fight the bill was clandestinely passed.
  4. When the Constitutional 2 Amendment was introduced to mutilate the citizens 2013 national constitution, your MP was one of the few members who vociferously opposed the constitutional amendment. I have a pending constitutional court application where I am challenging the constitutional amendment.


This is the articulation of the aspirations of the citizens that give value to their wishes.

A cursory glance from the online media and Parliamentary Hansard will confirm that your MP was indeed active in representing you on matters that affect Dzivaresekwa citizens and the country at large. The following are some of the motions that I moved.

  1. That the 2% of the budget should be channeled to the renovation, reconstruction and transformation of old high-density suburbs like Dzivaresekwa and other suburbs across the country. This motion was adopted by Parliament and awaits implementation by  the Government so that there is upgrading of   water, sewage, roads and dilapidated social infrastructure in these old suburbs.
  2. Seconded a  motion where we implored that Government should channel resources towards the provision of water to communities in line with SDG 6 which advocates for all citizens to have access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene. This motion was adopted by Parliament and yet to be implemented by Government.
  3. Given the dilapidation of our roads network in Dzivaresekwa owing to failure by ZINARA to effectively carry its mandate your MP moved a motion that sought to decentralize collection of vehicle licenses to local authorities. Harare used to have well maintained roads when motorists were paying their vehicle licenses to the City of Harare. The motion was however shot down by the ruling Party who are happy with the status quo.
  4. Noting the dilapidation of infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer in Phase 1 and 2 of Dzivaresekwa Extension your MP had several engagements with ministries of Local Government and public services for them to rehabilitate the suburbs so that they get compliance certification and be handed over to City of Harare. The Government as the developer of these suburbs has a duty to rehabilitate and transform them to proper urban standards.
  5. Nehanda, Marwede and others cooperatives residential communities have severely compromised service delivery such as roads, water and sewer due to leadership squabbles and mismanagement. Your MP raised matters with the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises development beseeching Government to bring order to the Housing cooperatives so that the areas can be developed to meet urban standards of City of Harare. Your MP also pleaded with the Ministry to reign in on the massive corruption within cooperatives which has negated the cooperatives spirit. Unfortunately, the Government has done little to address the situation.
  6. The major roads that service Dzivaresekwa namely Sanganayi-Dzivaresekwa road, Old Bulawayo Road up to Snake Park and Dzivaresekwa Extension Chesa-Glaudina Road are in dire state especially the Chesa-Glaudina Road.  Your MP consistently pestered Government Ministers in parliament and also visited the Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure Development as well as Local Government pleading for the repair and renovations of the roads. Promises were made that the three roads were going to be repaired under the second phase of Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme but unfortunately so far there been little progress.
  7. To solicit the citizens views and inputs on key issues your MP held several interface feedback meetings at Dzivaresekwa 1,2 and 3 Halls as well at Yamurai and Glaudina Primary schools.
  8. Parliament of Zimbabwe portfolio committees chose Dzivaresekwa constituency twice during my term to come at Dzivaresekwa 2 community Hall and Dzivaresekwa 1 community Hall to solicit the views of people of Dzivaresekwa on the Marriage Bill as well as Children rights Bill. Our people that attended the sessions made good submissions that shaped the two laws.


This is the scrutiny or supervision over the working of the executive arm of Government.

  1. Your MP serve and is a key member of the Budget, Finance and Economic Development portfolio committee. This portfolio committee does oversight on the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development and all departments that follow under it. Your MP made sound contributions to the success of the committee.
  2. Your MP also is a key member of Public Accounts portfolio committee. This is a postmortem or Post Audit committee which follow monies. It works closely with the Auditor General on its reports on ministries, State Enterprises as well as Local authorities. Your MP played a significant role in exposing corruption; mismanagement and his contribution are well recorded.


During his tenure ,your MP posted some notable contribution to the development of Dzivaresekwa ,despite the COVID19 pandemic and the recall of  our councilors  .


  1. To mitigate the threat of COVID 19 and improve the water challenges your MP together with Dzivaresekwa Development Committee drilled 10 community boreholes. The new boreholes are at Yamurai Primary School, Glaudina Primary School, Marwede community, 2 boreholes in Nehanda Community, UZ community, Hwata circle in Dzivaresekwa 1, Dzivaresekwa 2 car park and Dzivaresekwa 3 Creche as well as resuscitation of an old farm borehole at Marwede site offices.
  2. With the assistance from development partners, we solar powered 7 boreholes across ward 39 and ward 40.
  3. Due to the transport challenges faced by City of Harare your MP assisted in the unblocking of sewer by using his vehicles to ferry Council Water department workers to avert health disasters.


  1. Your MP Assisted in the opening of Glaudina Primary School and this was extensively covered in the media. The school was initially run by the community then formalized this year as a Council school. The grade 7 pass rate at Glaudina Primary school was one of the highest in the constituency and we are indebted to the parents that were managing and contributing to the growth of the school.
  2. The MP sourced thousands of bricks and has pledges of further thousands of bricks for the construction of an Administration and Classroom Blocks at Yamurai Primary School.
  3. Your MP engaged Government through the Public Sector Investment Programmes [PSIP] to provide funding for the construction of the Dzivaresekwa Extension Secondary School. The Government failed to provide the funding and your MP has since suggested to the Government to allow the Roman Catholic Church to construct the public school but Government is yet to make a decision on the proposal.
  4. Your MP asked the Ministry of Local Government to reclaim land which were meant for public schools in Extension and Nehanda area which were illegally converted to residential or private schools. Dzivaresekwa Extension being an urban settlement should have a public primary school for every 500 household.
  5. We managed to resuscitate Dzivaresekwa Library by erecting a 225-metre palisade walling and plans are at an advanced stage to ensure that there is good internet services so that our children and other learners can enhance their education.
  6. We are currently working on resuscitation of our 3 community halls by bringing water and general maintenance. We are also sprucing up our social sporting grounds across Dzivaresekwa and soon after harvest period we will be grading the Glaudina and Extension community sporting grounds.
  7. In my capacity as your MP, I participated in several Anti-Drug awareness programmes across the constituency with a view to tame the Drug and substances abuse among our youths.
  8. I also led the constituency in commemoration of world and national days such as the Tree planting day and International Day of Persons with Disabilities.
  9. Your Member of Parliament presided over the training and graduation of hundreds of our youths under the Community Apprenticeship programmes and assisted vulnerable children with school fees and helped other vulnerable families in the constituency.


An ambassador is a person who represents or speaks for a community and that’s true of a Member of Parliament.

  1. Your MP was elected as Member of Parliament for Dzivaresekwa constituency under the then MDC Alliance party led by Advocate Nelson Chamisa on 30 July 2018 and he did not equivocate or prevaricate but remained principled and loyal to Advocate Nelson Chamisa leadership despite threats of recall.
  2. Your Member of Parliament, did not abuse his position to enrich himself and was not involved in any corrupt or dishonorable conduct.  The MP did his best as your ambassador and servant in promoting the name of Dzivaresekwa
  3. As the MP, I performed to the best of my abilities, although in some instances the success of my mandate was stifled by inadequate resources or lack of support from Government entities that had the specific mandate to support delivery.

Serving the people of Dzivaresekwa mainland, Dzivaresekwa Extension Phase 1 and 2, Federation, Nehanda, Marwede, UZ community, Nenyasha, Vision Park, Land of Canaan, Presidential Guard, S & M and other communities as well Zimbabwe in general from 2018 to date has been a blessing. I treasure the trust and confidence that you bestowed upon me and I am forever indebted to Dzivaresekwa Community.

Finally I want to convey my deepest gratitude to the guidance and support from our Champion in Chief Advocate Nelson Chamisa in the discharge of my duties.

My further appreciation also to our champions from Dzivaresekwa constituency, our Parliamentary caucus and the Party at large for standing in the gap.

May God Almighty bless you all.


Edwin Mushoriwa
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