President Chamisa Clears Air On Candidate Selection
27 March 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s drum is about to rupture.

This was said by CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa.

According to the CCC leader, Mr Mnangagwa’s party is falling apart with each passing day.

“When a drum begins to beat louder, there is a possibility that the drumhead or drumskin is about to rupture. In Zimbabwe’s political arena the beat of the drum has been growing louder and more intense with each passing day..the nation is about to be born again! #ANewNation,” the CCC leader posted on Twitter.

“Zanu PF looks for a leader who wants to lead the people, but we want a leader whom the people want. Zanu PF wants its candidates to submit curriculum vitaes, but we focus on community track record — what are the people saying about the leader they want? Zanu PF wants individuals with financial prosperity, but we are concerned with personality. We are putting emphasis on citizens’ participation. There will be no imposition of candidates. The power is with the citizens. Where there are ties between candidates, citizens will still be expected to decide on their own the best candidate,” added President Chamisa.