George Charamba Threatens To Arrest Journalists Over Al Jazeera Documentary #GOLDMAFIA
29 March 2023
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By Farai D Hove | Today is part 2 of Al Jazeera’s docu-series, #GOLDMAFIA and yesterday Presidential Spokesman George Charamba threatened to go after journalists reporting on the ongoing documentary series, #GOLD MAFIA.

The documentary, broadcasting every Thursday till its part 4, reveals deep but large scale gold smuggling and money laundering being executed by notorious launderers between Zimbabwe, UAE, and UK.

The implicated smugglers have direct connections to the central bank, RBZ for several years to date.

Writing earlier in the day, Charamba said, “we will go after you if you elect to defame people on flimsy of privileges of false journalism. ”

He then thereafter warned the media about what he termed, trying to become “heroes of Al Jazeera, as did your counterpart in Egypt.”

The threats drew condemnation from leading media watchdogs with the Zimbabwe Online Content Creators holding a public engagement expressing concern over the statements by Charamba. Click here to listen.