Illegal Mining Activities Balloon In Masvingo
29 March 2023
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By A Correspondent

A local pressure group has implored local authorities in Masvingo to act on the dangers of illegal mining on the hills of Masvingo City.

There is a proliferation of illegal mining activities at Target Kopje Hills after gold was discovered around the hill some years ago. This has attracted much attention from Masvingo residents as the mining activities are being conducted by some unlicensed citizens who are suspected to be the ruling party members .

The local pressure group has called on local authorities from Masvingo City Council to engage with the Ministry of Mines, Zimbabwe Republic Police and Environmental Management Agency to stop the illegal mining activities and regulate the everything so that the environment is protected.

This will also ensure that water reservoirs are safe and supply to local residents is efficient.

The rights group has warned that the continued use of heavy machinery on the hills and chemicals underground causes instability within the Earth’s crust hence putting Masvingo city’s water tanks at risk of being destroyed.

“We are worried about the proliferation of illegal mining activities in Masvingo. Worse still individuals behind the activities are not at all observing the required safety measures,” the pressure group said in a statement.

A petition was submitted to the Parliament of Zimbabwe to end all illegal mining activities in Masvingo by pressuring the government, policymakers, and local authorities to implement and enforce legislation on illegal mining activities. Meanwhile, the group has urged stakeholders and young people to continue pushing for the crafting of better regulations for mining activities to protect the environment and infrastructure by stressing the ban of mining activities in areas of public interest.
The group has however threatened that if nothing changes in the not-so-distant future this will spark more non-conventional ways of engagement to bring to an end the illegal mining and to restore normalcy in the City of Masvingo