Small House Caught In The Act Faking Inheritance Claim
29 March 2023
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A woman thought to be the girlfriend of a recently dead Harare man made an appearance before the Harare Magistrates Court on charges of submitting fictitious paperwork to the Master of the High Court in order to obtain a piece of the inheritance.

Masters Of The High Court office, Harare

Thokozani Mazvimbakupa Dhliwayo (58) was detained till May 16 after making an appearance before magistrate Ms. Evelyn Mashavakure yesterday to answer to accusations of fraud.

Sheila Gwasira, 61, the widow of the late Shepherd Gwasira, is named by the State as the complaint. The deceased’s ex-girlfriend was Dhliwayo, and the two of them had a 17-year-old child.

After Mr. Gwasira passed away, the family registered his estate, and Dhliwayo requested to be a beneficiary. However, because the two weren’t married, the family members rejected her.- state media