Uebert Angel Instructs Followers To Go Stab Journalists Who Publish Negative Stories Of Him
30 March 2023
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By A Correspondent | The below is a video broadcast of the humiliated Prophet Uebert Angel instructing his church on how to respond to reporters who write negative articles about him. He says the crimes must be get repeat visits of serious violence that’s capable of jailing his followers who will be freed by the prophet once imprisoned.

He quotes a scripture that says a certain character called Phineas took a knife to go stab someone.

“Without praying, Phineas took a knife and stabbed the men he saw committing adultery.”

“When our father is opposed the Bible never says go and pray,” says Angel.

He continues saying, “Phineas saw somebody committing promiscuity, and he took a knife… [others were kneeling down praying and he took a knife.]

“Munhu anongoda kurohwa mbama, zvekuti anyorereyi ichi, zvekunamata tombosiya!”🤣 – a person just needs a slap, this thing of saying praying, we do away with it.

[Wayward reporters should be beaten or thrashed without hesitation, prayers be damned]

Do you think I’ll let you rot in jail if you’re jailed for me? He asks them a rhetorical question, “No, I won’t!”

At the end, Angel, then concludes with the emphasis, “my name is Uebert Angel, and I stand upon this word!”