Woman Seeks Peace After Being Accused Of Witchcraft
1 April 2023
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A WOMAN from Cowdray Park suburb in Bulawayo is living in palpable fear after her neighbour who is in the habit of accusing her of practicing witchcraft sensationally claimed that she unleashed black cats to cast a spell on his daughter.

As if that was not enough Msizikazi Moyo said her neighbour Mosva Manjokota was also accusing her of trying to kidnap his other minor child.

Moyo said the witchcraft accusations being levelled against her by Manjokota had tarnished her reputation in the suburb.

Moyo said on the first encounter her neighbour confronted her last week on Tuesday at around 8am and shouted at her branding her a witch while also accusing her of sending black cats to bewitch his daughter.

Manjokota claimed that his daughter screamed in the middle of the night and complained that she was seeing Moyo in her dreams unleashing black cats at her.

Moyo who is now being labelled a witch in her suburb said on the second occasion her neighbour once again confronted her while accusing her of stalking his other daughter with an intention of kidnapping her.

The troubled Moyo engaged elders in the community to talk to her troublesome neighbour but their efforts were fruitless.

She then applied for a peace order against him at the Western Commonage Court. In her affidavit which read in part she said: “I’m applying for a peace order against my neighbour who is accusing me of bewitching his daughters.

“He claimed that his daughter saw me in her dreams while bewitching her and he also said on the same night his other daughter failed to sleep claiming she was seeing two cats that I had sent to torment her.

On another occasion he confronted me at my house and claimed that I was stalking his minor child with the intention of kidnapping her during the night.”

In response Manjokoto said: “I once saw her following my children and after that they started to experience strange dreams and they fell sick. When I saw her stalking my children that is when I asked her to refrain from doing that.”

The presiding magistrate Sikhethile Moyo granted Moyo a peace order. Manjokoto was ordered not to insult Moyo or visit her at her place.

He was also ordered not to make false accusations against his neighbour.

— BMetro