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13 April 2023
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Causes of mine suspension or forfeiture

Mine operations are regulated by laws of the country that protect the environment; people, livestock, wild animals and the economy . Therefore if an officer from ministry of mines or EMA thinks these are threatened by one way or the other the mine is suspended or closed entire through a procedure that is lawful can be challenged in a court of law if offender thinks they have been treated unfairly. We will briefly outline usually causes of those suspensions . You should note that they not always lead to automatic suspension unless if inspections are not renewed on time that one is the only automatic but can also be avoided or requested through relevant offices .

Failure to appoint manager and blaster .
Before a mine starts operations a mine must appoint qualified manager who in turn appoints a qualified blasters. Any mine found any of the two can be suspended if continues to operate unlawfully under suspension a second suspension is usually given then a third one can lead to court that can lead to permanent suspension and a possible ban for life . This can be challenged in court with proof of innocence if such evidence could be there especially if the manager was appointed before the second suspension yet the inspecting officer couldn’t see the appoint letter because of good reasons tabled in court .

Failure to maintain proper ore and gold register.
All mine production of ore and gold should be registered in official gold registers and kept properly taken monthly before the 10th of the next month for returns at ministry of mines. Failure to do can result in suspension or permanent suspension. Such cases are difficult to challenge in court because gold belongs to the state any misappropriation of information can lead to arrest .
Under declaration of gold produced .
All gold productions are recorded by manager properly every day could any evidence that you are under declaring gold production automatic suspension can be effected
Failure to fence , refill and put collar to shafts according to mines requirement .
All mine shafts should be fenced, disused shafts should be refilled and all shafts should have collar to prevent shafts collapse there by causing danger to people and animals . Failure to do so can lead to suspension while working towards meeting mining standards.
Mining in a manner that endangers the environment , livestock and humans
According to EMA all mining activities should preserve the environment and avoid unnecessary loss of lives of both people and animals. Any haphazard mining that destroys vegetation indiscriminately and creates a lot of unfenced or unnecessary spillage of hazardous chemicals into water or atmosphere can result in suspension by EMA .
Failure to have proper license or operations without relevant licenses.
Below are license for both EMA and ministry of mines
Explosives license
Carbon transportation permit
Solid waste disposal license
Hazardous substance storage license
Gold buying license
Gold trade license
If you found operation without this licenses you get a ticket if you persist then you get a suspension effected by black boots or riot police.
Failure to pay inspection fees
Inspection fees are paid annually failing to do so results in forfeiture.

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