Councillor Aleck Tabe Achievements In 9 Months
14 April 2023
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Cllr A Tabe achievements within 9months

1.He drilled a borehole in kmp Phase 2
2 .He addressed perennial water crisis that have been affecting residents in ward 4 for the past 5 years areas..madhayo..first,second and third
4.. recommended for employment five people (Mai matimba..mupandawana garikai,,taku magomo,josy, GYN)
5.he has been very visible to all funerals in the ward 4.. providing transport and assistance. for the record he attended to over 30 funerals in ward and residents really applauded him for doing great job

  1. He has been outstanding in council and articulating issues well
    6..with a drive to fight drugs abuse in ward 4..he provided social platform to young youth and started a junior academy team yellow stars FC united and provided full kit and balls
    7..he has been outstanding in gwazo programmes..Transporting people to Register to vote ## areas ,masvingo west.. masvingo north and Masvingo urban
    8.Young , vibrant and energetic leader who has vast experience in social corporate responsibilities, economic challenges and political matters
    9.Good social interpersonal communication skills.

Compiled by Change Radio