Slay Queen Confesses Before Death
21 April 2023
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By A Correspondent- The 23 year old Glen View 7 woman, who died mysteriously last week, had requested to confess after falling seriously ill.

Sources from her community suspect Rudo Nyoka was bewitched by a married woman, and died a few days, after her belly ballooned.

She was also reported to have surrendered her three-year-old daughter to a local sangoma for close to two months as a US$400 loan guarantee. Some claim she sought a charm from the sangoma to attract mbingas.

She was a good person, we don’t know kuti pressure yakazobva kupi.

“Haana kuromba, asi akatsvaga mushonga weluck to attract rich men.

There were a lot of things which happened prior to her death and during the funeral.

“She used to squat with UZ students and slǝǝp with different men while lying that she was a student. It’s sad where she was slǝǝping. It’s a very sad story. She once worked at a massage parlour.

She was buried with clothes she used to wear during her business. Hembe dzacho pane dziri kunzi hadzisi dzake,” said a source.

However, Rudo’s sister was surprised about what some people were saying about her.

Handina mashoko akawanda ekutaura pamusoro pe sister yangu.

“Ndimika munotoziva nezve sister yangu. Mwari ave nemi mese, rambai muchitaura,” she said.

Another source said Rudo used to rub shoulders with popular and wealthy socialites.

“She wanted to blackmail mbingas claiming to be prǝgnant. She died a painful death.

“There were ƨǝx 0rgies when her body lay in state at her parents’ house.

“Her friends said it was the best send-off they could give their friend.”

Below are comments by H-Metro followers concerning Rudo’s sad death:

Unenge wamboudzwa kuti siyana nemurume wangu wobva wati hakuna munhu wemunhu. — Monalisa Banes

Munhu anenge akatombopihwa warning otukirira unofa. — Tsverukai Mupimbira

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Apa kutombomutsiura hangu pasaloon akatonditsamwira. — Siboniso Taruvinga

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H-Metro taurai mazita embinga dzacho because gist rese tinaro. — Muzukuru WaHunyenya NaSusan Mamoe