Stop Arbitrary Arrests
28 April 2023
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Arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions epitomize ZANU PF panic! CCC Namibia echoes.

26 April 2023

Social democrats who reside in Namibia condemn the arbitrary arrests, intimidation, and banning of political meetings and rallies ahead of the watershed elections in Zimbabwe. It is quite disturbing and infuriating that ZANU-PF has targeted the popular citizen’s movement only among an array of opposition political parties.

We have observed with patience the continued incarceration of Zengeza West MP Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, the illegal conviction of the interim national spokesperson, Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, state-sponsored arrests and jailing of innocent nominated candidates in Zaka South Ward 25 and Chivi District on concocted charges. Namibia district sees great panic in the regime that has gone politically bankrupt. We demand a fair electoral field to avert a disputed plebiscite in July or August.

Just yesterday, the desperate regime illegally arrested and detained the nominated aspiring Mp for the Zaka South constituency, Trust Manjengwa at his homestead in Ward 25 before releasing him. This is a clear testament pointing to the extreme cluelessness of the sadist regime. It is not a crime to assemble in private places such as homes. There are no arrests incurred by other opposition political parties except the political dynamo, the Citizens Coalition for Change under the able leadership of President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. This a clear sign that the People’s Party will never lose a free, fair, credible, and unfettered election in the motherland.

Namibia district supposes that the political behemoth should put political pressure on the regime to achieve minimum reforms ahead of the crucial poll. It will be a sham to go into these elections without changes in the way Zec conducts itself before , during, and after elections. The external assembly is quite aware of the strong push by Advocate Nelson Chamisa and the team that engaged the SADC Secretariat recently. Access to the electronic voter’s roll is a prerequisite for this impending election.

We can’t continue babysitting an exhausted and politically bereft political party at the expense of the downtrodden masses. It is now imperative to advocate for a clear roadmap toward free and undiluted harmonized elections. It is saddening that the electronic voter’s roll has been availed to ZANU PF alone by the captured electoral commission. This was unearthed when one of the contesting Mps was seen during by-elections with a voters roll with pictures of voters. The exhibited predisposition should be confronted before voting day. People in Zimbabwe are tired of poverty, abuse of human rights, rigged elections, and gross misgovernance.

SADC and African Union must demonstrate leadership in this regard. We anticipate hearing more from them as we prepare for undisputed elections punctuated by constitutionalism and the rule of law. Citizens should continue registering to vote until the proclamation of the election date. The regional and continental bodies should assist us to aid ourselves by safeguarding the will of the people. Our great movement has worked so diligently through Mugwazo, recruiting , mobilizing, and radicalizing citizens for a complete change. Citizens must not be deterred by any side shows, we urge change seekers to remain focused until victory.

In a nutshell, the abuse of human rights, the unprofessional conduct of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), the partisan behaviour of the ZRP, the biased operation of the judiciary, and the manipulation of traditional leaders by the Gold Mafia regime are pointers to a bloody disputed election in July. Let’s brace for dangerous freedom before, during, and after the plebiscite so that we will be able to defend our vote.

Our advice to change champions in Zimbabwe is that; as the party is finalizing the candidate selection process, foot soldiers must commence the recruitment of polling agents awaiting rigorous training. Diaspora assemblies should now gear up themselves to give material and financial support to the national democratic champions.






CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya