The New Great Zimbabwe Vision
5 May 2023
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1/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: A CCC government pledges to create a society of prosperity and justice, where every citizen is able to thrive. To this end, we are committed to addressing the issues of bad roads, electricity shortages, poor health and education facilities, unemployment, drug abuse and other local problems. #RegisterToVoteCCC

2/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: We pledge to make infrastructure investments to upgrade and improve the current road network in order to provide reliable access to communities. We also recognizes that improved road networks will also lead to better access to education and healthcare facilities, enabling individuals to reach much-needed services and support.

3/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: A CCC government will invest in renewable energy sources and modernize the existing electricity grid. This will help improve access to electricity in all regions, allowing citizens to have more reliable energy sources and reduce the burden of rising energy costs. #RegisterToVoteCCC

4/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: We pledge to invest in quality public health care, prioritizing preventative measures such as vaccinations and improved access to primary care, as well as providing necessary support for those suffering from serious illnesses. We will also place special emphasis on improving mental health and substance abuse services.

5/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: We will prioritize economic development, by providing tools and assistance to help individuals find meaningful employment and achieve economic stability. We will also expand job training and educational opportunities in order to equip individuals with the skills they need to remain competitive in the job market. #RegisterToVoteCCC

6/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: We pledge to work with local partners to address the issue of drug abuse on a community level. We will provide resources and support that can help individuals overcome their addictions and reintegrate into society. #RegisterToVoteCCC

7/ A NEW GREAT ZIMBABWE: A CCC government promises to create a society where no one is left behind–where every individual has access to the resources and support they need to live a healthy and prosperous life. #RegisterToVoteCCC