Missing Chitungwiza Child-Babamukuru Has A Case To Answer: Sources
9 May 2023
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By A Correspondent| Social media has been abuzz with news that Mitchell Gwashavanhu (14), a learner at Transparency College in Chitungwiza went missing on her way home after school.

Reports emerging indicate that Mitchell was accompanied home by her friend Gloria Munyoro, Valentine Ndlovu and Bhiza at around 1300hrs but her uncle, Jephias Gwashanhu then posted on the school group that she had not reached home later that evening at exactly 2000hrs.

Investigations by this publication unearthed several issues.

To start with, sources confirmed that Mitchell was last seen on her way home with her friends who have confirmed the same story even to Chitungwiza Police.

The same friends confirmed that Mitchell appeared unhappy on the day in question as she was very acting very unusual.

The source further stated that Mitchell’s friends and classmates reported that she always cried when asked about her past.

The source added that she claimed intense dislike of her father whom she accused of abandoning her when she was young.

Mitchell’s mother Margret Chitsungo died when she was very young.

The school authorities confirmed receiving the same reports when interviewied by this publication.

Police sources, school authorities and Ministry of Education officials all tended to confirm that Jephias Gwashanhu appeared evasive when quized about Mitchell’s status at home.

Jephias was very angry when asked to give background information about Mitchell especially the situation at home and flatly refused to comment on the matter. He claims his home was a paradise.

Bizarrely, it was also discovered that Mitchell had a cousin sister Esther Gwashavanhu 14 whom she stayed with.

Interestingly, Jephias is not married and does not have a maid.

Therefore, at the time of her disappearance, Mitchell and Jephias were the only occupants of the unit G home.

Information obtained from sources also show that Jephias transferred Esther from Transparency College 4 days prior to the disappearance of Mitchell.

The transfer letter request by Jephias to the school authorities stated that Esther was not taking her medication for some skin disease hence she had to go back to Murehwa, Chitimbe village to her parents Jephias’ young brother.

Some people think there could be a link between Esther’s transfer and Mitchell’s disappearance.

The sources interviewed tend to believe that Jephias has some knowledge concerning the disappearance of Mitchell that’s the main reason why he is trying to divert attention by blaming the school which is clearly not at fault in the matter.

The school confirmed to this publication that Jephias posed as Mitchell’s father and they only got to know the truth after the matter was reported to the police.

They also confirmed that Jephias himself in the company of school authorities interviewed Mitchell’s friends and classmates who told him that they had walked back home with Mitchell after they were dismissed from school.

“Everything Jephias is saying is pure crap and concocted lies whose aim only he knows but the truth will come out,” said another source privy to the investigation.

The school expressed hope that since CID homicide is involved in the matter, it is a matter of time before the world knows what really happened to Mitchell.