Mnangagwa Has Fallen Below The Talk: Leonard Koni
9 May 2023
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The excitement from the government controlled media and the so called staunch Zanu PF supporters about President Mnangagwa’s invitation to witness the coronation of King Charles 111 is so astounding.They pretend to hate the whites yet inwardly they are craving for their help and re-engagement.

By Leonard Koni

Surprisingly when the leader of the opposition visits any one of the European countries he is branded a sell out and a puppet of the West.

Will President Emmerson Mnangagwa be man enough to tell Tony Blair to influence those who gave sanctions to the country to lift them up? Is this not an opportunity to do so than always crying about sanctions.

The excitement like that of a rural person who has paid their first visit to an urban area has exposed the double standards of his government which always want to dip everywhere for self aggrandizement.

When Mnangagwa came from the 12th African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) summit that was held in Kigali, Rwanda, last year in September and another one in Sharma El Sheikh, Egypt on the sidelines of COP’27, he said Blair had accepted to bury differences and was ready to work closely with him to propel back the country to its glory days and on Friday he met again the same war monger to discuss the bilateral relations with Zimbabwe.

Since 2017 he has been holding such meetings but with no show of investors coming into the country.

If Emmerson Mnangagwa was sincere and having the interest of citizens at heart, he should have not travelled to UK looking at the state of our fragile economy.

Mnangagwa must stop pretending to be a saint whenever he goes out of the country whilst he remains ruthless when back home. There is an adage which says charity begins at home. No no matter how much Mnangagwa might try to paint Zimbabwe with a good brush but back home what he is doing remains the story of the day and on public domain.

Zimbabwe is a country buffeted by entrenched authoritarian leadership.

It is hard to protest for bad governance in the streets and you will come across bullets , rogue police officers wielding long reach baton sticks or face jail.

Right now the leader of Transform Zimbabwe Mr Jacob Ngarivhume has been convicted of inciting violence so as Job Sikhala.

Zimbabwe is being run by a ruthless, fascist mafia with absolutely no regard for human rights. All what it knows is suppressing the voice of reason.

The country is a military state with all the institutions running under the armpits of the army.

Right now intellectual meetings are being disrupted and we continue to say the country is reforming. We need change.

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