Mai TT Threatens To Kill Critics
12 May 2023
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Dear Editor

Felistas Murata popularly known as Mai TT continues to stalk the people she owes a lot of money by threatening them that they will never step their feet in Zimbabwe.

Mai TT

Anyone who gets a threat must report to the police in Zimbabwe immediately. She is also sending hooligans and thugs to threaten people on social media. If you are in the Diaspora you can actually sue her through Zimbabwean lawyers like what Olinda did last time to shut her up. Mai TT already has a pending court case on fraud, scam and theft.

Suing her will contribute for the current case to go against her. Tinashe managed to silence Mai TT by suing her. Panashe and Shuvai silenced her when they he sued her for false allegations. It’s time for the net to close in for this ruthless self made celebrity and socialite.