Son Beats Up Own Mum Over Sadza And Muriwo
12 May 2023
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Senzeni Mlotshwa, from the Mpopoma neighbourhood of Bulawayo, is a distressed lady because every time she gives her kid isitshwala without meat, he beats her up, calls her names, and threatens to murder her.


Mlotshwa claimed her son Lenin Mlotshwa harasses her and always wants isitshwala with roasted pork when he gets home from a night out.

She said in court that she generally made an effort to win his approval in order to stop him from constantly insulting her.

She claimed that occasionally she borrowed money to purchase meat, and when she was unable to do so, her son became aggressive, beat her up, and ridiculed her.

Mlotshwa claimed that her son takes household items and sells them to pay for alcohol.

Mlotshwa said she reported him to the police and he was just warned and cautioned. He never changed and that forced her to apply for a protection order.

“I’m applying for a protection order against my son Lenin Mlotshwa. He demands fried or roasted meat every day when he is from a night out.

“At times I borrow money to buy it and when I give him isitshwala with another relish he gets angry and insults me. He would then beat me up and threaten to kill me,” she said in her affidavit.

The presiding magistrate Sikhethile Moyo granted Mlotshwa a protection order.

Lenin was barred from physically and verbally abusing his mother. B Metro