Uebert Angel Off The Hook
16 May 2023
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By-The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) yesterday made a summersault by reversing its order for banks to freeze accounts of several government officials and individuals who were implicated in gold smuggling gold and money laundering activities exposed by the Al Jazeera documentary.

In a statement yesterday, the FIU directed financial institutions to “unfreeze all assets and other financial assets” belonging to those implicated in the documentary.

“The FIU, working in close collaboration with law enforcement agencies, has since concluded its analysis of the four episodes of the Al Jazeera documentary and has also analysed the financial assets and transactions of the persons implicated in the documentary and has determined that there is no good cause for the freezing order to remain in place. The FIU has not identified transactions / assets linked to money laundering and related financial crime connected to the allegations in the Al Jazeera documentary,” reads the FIU statement.