Mnangagwa Accused Of Protecting Thieves
18 May 2023
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Did you know that Zimbabwe loses an estimated USD 1 billion worth of gold annually through the activities of the #GoldMafia? This amount could be used to fully fund and effectively operate all 5 of the country’s central hospitals at a cost of USD 50 million per year for the next two decades.

This is a clear indication of the devastating impact of corruption and the importance of electing ethical leaders who are committed to upholding the rule of law. Zimbabwe needs leaders who will prioritize the welfare of the people over private interests.

A CCC government led by President @nelsonchamisa is committed to fighting corruption and creating a better future for all Zimbabweans. We call for the arrest of those involved in the #GoldMafia and for increased efforts to prevent further looting of our nation’s resources.

Let us work together to overcome corruption and uphold ethical leadership in Zimbabwe. #ArrestGoldMafia #VoteCCC