2 Doctors Clash Over A Woman
19 May 2023
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This was reportedly the best medical drama or hospital show to watch that will make your heart race, aside from thrillers.

Dramatic turn.. the man

Mpilo Central Hospital in Bulawayo recently experienced ugly scenes that shocked nurses, patients, and other hospital staff when one of the medical professionals there was confronted by his former workmate who is also a medical professional accusing him of having an affair with his girlfriend.

According to reports, the dramatic scenes began in the physicians’ quarters of the medical facility and eventually spread to the theatre where one of the doctors accused of being a “woman snatcher” was performing an operation.

Former Mpilo Central Hospital employee Tendai Chadambuka (37) accosted Selby Muchini (29) at his residence first.

“He called him out of the theatre but Muchini refused since he was still busy and concentrating on the patient. In a fit of rage, Chadambuka stormed into the theatre room and repeatedly shoved him while trying to seize his cellphone but he kept a firm grip on it.

“He vainly tried to take the cellphone and in the process Muchini was left injured on the mouth. Chadambuka gave up and went away,” said the source.

Muchini reported the incident to the police. After making a report he returned to the hospital and sat in his car which was parked within the hospital premises.

“While he was sitting in his car, Chadambuka again confronted him and threatened to assault and abduct him. Muchini then reached for a pepper spray which was in his car and sprayed him on the face.

“After that he went back to the police station and reported the incident,” said the source.

When reached for comment Muchini confirmed the incident saying:

“He (Chadambuka) has been harassing me for quite a long time. He has been accusing me of being in love with his girlfriend and I have told him on countless occasions that I’m not in love with her.

“I only met his girlfriend when he was with her at a party in Mzilikazi suburb last year and I have told him that I’m not in love with her but he does not understand.”

He added: “He confronted me at the hospital while I was in the theatre and he had to wear operating theatre attire to cross the demarcation line to where I was performing an operation on a patient.

“He tried to take my phone but I refused and he left when nurses, patients and other hospital officials had gathered to witness the incident.”

When called to hear his side of the story Chadambuka initially said: “Don’t you think it’s a lie?”, before he hung up

When called for the second time he said: “Who are you? And what were you calling in connection with. My brother, that matter is political, that’s all I can say.” —B Metro