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19 May 2023
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By Nick Masaiti

Hey have you asked yourself why big brands like Coca-Cola ,Pepsi still advertise their business .

I Know in many people’s eye make no sense that a well known brand still engage into advertising and invest so much into that .Just an example ,Coca-Cola ,Pepsi and Minute maid they are buying exclusive display fridges for promotion campaign every year .

(1) The fall of Mr juicy
This was the first drink to compete with Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe. It took a lead in introducing the concept of sport drinks to the Zimbabweans and became famous in the whole country.

The excellent advertising made it the top spot in Zimbabwe beverage market .It sales reached an astonishing 5.5 billion in 2003 which is the sum of sales of Pepsi and Coca-Cola in Zimbabwe .From this moment Mr Juicy stopped advertising and nobody knows what Mr Juicy is.

The reason for Mr Juicy ‘s sinking is complex ,but of course ,it cannot be attributed to the fact that it stopped advertising. This case study can help us to answer the question that stopping advertising result to collapse of your company consumers will always forget .

(2) Forgetting theory
The Forgetting curve of German psychologist Ebbinghaus tells us that people’s Forgetting speed of one thing is not linear but begins to be high and then slow down subsequently .The theoretical guiding significance of this discovery is that any memory must be repeated and repeated again

Advertisers deeply understand this principle and repeatedly deepen their impression before people forget it ,in order to build a solid image ,otherwise people will just forget it .So people still advertise without ceasing the principle behind this is to use the memory curve to enhance the impression before Forgetting.Always remember even the impression has been repeatedly strengthened ,if does not strengthen over time it will also slowly dissapear in the minds of consumers

Let’s take another example -Paradzai Messi the sungura King he was an idol of the entire Zimbabwe however over the past 3 years how many people still remember him .A Zimbabwe living legend .When you ask the younger generation they just know him as a shoplifter who was helped by Mudiwa Hood and does not know he was once a sungura national idol and song writer .He stopped advertising his work who still accept him as a brand ambassador or book him to perform .ln reality this shows how decline in business value brought about the decline in exposure .

(3)The mechanism of advertising :inform ,persuade ,remind ,strengthen.

For any product it’s advertising audience can be divided into high frequency consumers ,low frequency consumers ,non consumers .The advertising mechanism for these three types of people is different .According to the classic advertising theory the logic of advertising comes in four aspects inform ,persuade ,remind ,strestrengthen.Advertising is the to cultivate awareness and new customers as well to remind consumers that we are still there to satisfy their needs.

I was a non -consumer of Coca-Cola but last when I finished doing my errands I was thirsty and hungry .l saw a Coca-Cola poster at a certain written “original dream that will definitely reach ” with only reading this advert my thirst was totally quenched in a minute and because of the cool feeling I became a low frequency consumer of Coca-Cola

This year I laughed my young brother love sweet drinks but this days I meet him he always ask for kambucha even if instant gave him Coke he would specifically switch to kambucha l asked why and he said Kambucha invited seh calaz as a brand ambassador l am a big fan so I started to love kambucha .Consumers are just like that the are many reasons to fall for the brand .

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