LEAKED AUDIO: 3 Women Stripped Naked By Robbers Driving Kombi.
27 May 2023
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Dear ZimEye
Greetings friends and relatives. I have my ordeal that transpired on 25th May.

On Africa Day, at 10am I was heading towards Beatrice Road while in a Noah kombi; there were 3 men and 1 huge woman.

After the tollgate, we were suddenly told, sorry, you are in a robbers’ car. At first we thought he was joking. We were told to surrender all out belongs including phones, which he started throwing off to the woman sitting at the front.

The woman told us, “this is just our method survival.”

It says a silver Noah.

They then told us to remove everything we have including wallets, all our clothes including underwear. We became stark naked.

They told us to drop off and lie down, the 6 of us all. They left us, and the last young man, told us not to scream or cry out, and then left.

The Bush was a big forest, that it took us 30 minutes to come out of it.

They had tied us up with small rods used for goats. We fled into a Bush and found a vapositori shrine, and we took up cloths we found there.

We continued traveling away and then found a homestead where we were told that we are in Nyatsime, at the Red Roofs. The Sabhuku told us to lead him to where we had come from, and upon arriving there we found those young men arriving as they looked for us.

So I just want to tell Zimbabweans that be careful which cars you board. If you find this audio, don’t ignore it. I used to do that and learnt my lesson on the 25th May. – ZimEye