Zanu PF Says Ready For Polls
27 May 2023
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WITH the primary elections done and dusted, the revolutionary ZANU PF party in Gwanda is intensifying mass mobilisation programmes to ensure members are focused on ensuring victory for President Emmerson Mnangagwa and other candidates.

ZANU PF Gwanda District has embarked on mass mobilisation ahead of the 2023 general elections expected in August this year.

While the primary elections have now been concluded, a sight of all candidates who were contesting breaking bread, hugging and shaking hands could only mean one thing, the elections were just an internal process.

“Yes, people were in a race but it’s now behind us. The bigger picture is mobilising for the President to get 5 million +votes,” said ZANU PF Gwanda DCC Chairperson, Cde David Linda.

For the contestants ZANU PF is bigger than individual ambitions

“Whoever wins a primary election will just be a face of ZANU PF but the truth is ZANU PF is bigger than all of us. We need to make sure that we swallow all the pride we might be having and make sure that the President wins and then the MP and the councillor,” said one of the candidates.

“We ran a race and someone was the first lets rally behind him,” reiterated another.

Another candidate weighed in, “It is no longer the time to play, during primary elections we were playing now it’s the real fight so let’s be united and forget that I contested.”

“I may be the one who came first but I can’t do it alone, let’s rally behind the Party first before me,” emphasised another.

ZANU PF Matabeleland South Provincial Political Commissar, Cde Washington Nkomo took time to give words of counsel to party candidates for the general elections.

“People have entrusted you with with lives, make sure that you don’t forget that and start chasing individual ambitious. The party comes first,” noted Cde Nkomo.

Gwanda has three constituencies up for grabs in this year’s general elections.- ZBC News