Chamisa Replacing Mwonzora In Parly
28 May 2023
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Dear Editor

President of the Citizens Coalition for Change, Nelson Chamisa will take over as leader of the opposition in Parliament from Douglas Mwonzora, president of the Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai.

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa of the Zanu PF party will use the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to force a win against Chamisa in the presidential race, which development will lead to Chamisa heading the opposition in parliament.

The title of Leader of the Opposition is a semi-official legislative position awarded to the head of the biggest opposition party or group in Parliament in nations that have adapted the Westminster model of parliamentary government.

The symbolism in the post is significant despite being primarily metaphorical.

The Constitution’s section 151 designates “the Leader of the Opposition in each House” (i.e., the National Assembly and the Senate) as members of the committee that oversees the parliamentary procedures.

The Leader of the Opposition is a member of the Business of the House Committee under Order 14 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the National Assembly.

– Remson Mbute