Mthuli Ncube Ncube Thuggishly Removes “$USD Only” Sign | LEONARD KONI
30 May 2023
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The Finance Minister is now acting less of a technocrat and more like a politician.

By Leonard Koni

People had long believed that Ncube would revive Zimbabwe’s struggling economy, but he has sadly turned into a full-fledged Zanu PF politician and has abjectly failed to do so while still claiming to be an expert in economics.

Mthuli Ncube

This is the issue when people start following the Zanu PF hegemony and bootlicking, as reason begins to flee from them.

Mthuli Ncube has earned the title of political macho man and now spends most of his time campaigning and concentrating on winning a seat in parliament rather than addressing the country’s economic problems.

The nation is in the throes of an economic catastrophe, so forcing businesses to accept local currency while avoiding and purposefully ignoring the country’s economic fundamentals would not help the situation.

Entering a store, Ncube removed a sign that read “$USD only.” This type of political stance and grandstanding is brutal and akin to thuggish behaviour. Where does the Minister receive the authority to enact pricing changes?

Ncube must have the fortitude to inquire as to why companies are abandoning the local currency, which has long since lost any value.

Although all of the country’s fuel suppliers only accept payments in US dollars, they have never experienced this kind of nonsense.

Mthuli Ncube’s delusions will not budge the market, which is highly unyielding.

Price restraints are being gradually reinstated. The so-called second republic is nothing more than a sham that is a copy of Mugabe’s government. It’s amazing how quickly the nation is being forced to return to its original settings.

This Finance Minister has turned to hit-and-run economic initiatives, managed by command strategies adapted from the Shake Shake Building next to Rainbow Towers, in an effort to propel the country forward despite his inability to present a clear-cut economic plan.

This command economy will not function in any way. The country will be sucked into a severe black market as the period of price control returns with a bang. Mthuli is completely unaware of the underlying issues the company is having. He is now a law unto himself; taking down posters in a grocery store would not solve the issue; rather, it would make it worse.

Why does the government not charge anything for passports? Additionally, toll gates need payment in foreign currency. Seriously, all transactions within the borders of Zimbabwe should be made in ZWL or local money. It should also be against the law to transact in any foreign money.

At this point, the Finance Minister is acting unmanly. It’s unfortunate that Mthuli and his superiors are out of touch with current economic conditions. They are employing outdated military and guerrilla strategies that have essentially wrecked the country’s economy. Zimbabweans need to prepare for severe shortages. There won’t likely be any more items on the shelf that behave in this manner.

The finest present he can give Zimbabweans after his failed monetary strategy is to retire and call it a day.