Zanu PF Heavyweight’s Wife Joins ZEC Inspection Team
30 May 2023
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Outcry As Masvingo Resident Minister’s wife Euphrasia Muvengwa Chadzamira is part of ZEC inspection team

CCC’s Tachiona Mharadza Chiminya demands her to resign from ZEC because she is an interested person.

29 May 2023

Wezhira Munya

Masvingo Resident Minister Ezra Chadzamira’s wife , Euphrasia Muvengwa is currently working at ZEC as a voter inspection officer.

She has been deployed at Gatshime Hall, ward 5, Mashava.

She also works as teacher at Gathsmine primary school in Mashava.

Mashava area is in Masvingo West, where Masvingo Residents Minister Ezra Chadzamira is contesting as Zanu PF Member of Parliament.

Former Masvingo West Member of Parliament Tachiona Mharadza Chiminya, who is a CCC nominated senator said “Chadzamira’s wife must resign from ZEC because her husband is a contestant in the forthcoming harmonized elections. She may remove CCC members from the voters’ roll.”

Resident Minister Chadzamira is been accused of rigging Zanu PF primary elections.

In Masvingo, FAZ members are also camping at ZEC Voter registration offices, taking details of voters.

FAZ is an organization that was responsible for conducting Zanu PF primary elections.

Chiminya demands that, FAZ must vacate all ZEC voter inspection offices with immediate effect.

Also, nominated CCC Masvingo West member of parliament candidate, Mr Pedzisai Chifamba Gasva said, “The presence of Chadzamira’s wife at ZEC Voter inspection venue has caused serious outcry among CCC members. Chadzamira’s wife and FAZ members must not be allowed to be part of ZEC’s Voter inspection process. They are conflicted members as they support Chadzamira who is Zanu PF candidate.”