Inter Milan Are No Pushovers
1 June 2023
Spread the love – Man City will face the ultimate challenge for the first ever Champions League title. However, Man City must conquer the tough game of Inter Milan on Sunday (11/6/2023).

Man City itself is more favored to win by considering the quality of the game on the field. Moreover, Man City has Pep Guardiola who has 1001 ways to win a fight.

Even so, Inter Milan is also not a team that can be underestimated. Pep’s former midfielder, Sergio Busquets, also tried to give a warning to Man City who will face Inter.

Busquets, who had faced Inter Milan in the Group Phase, tried to make Man City players more vigilant at the top of the party. “Everyone thinks City will win, but beware of Inter,” Busquets explained Italian Football.