Mavaza vs US Senator On Embassy Tweets
3 June 2023
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“The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs has claimed the US embassy’s twitter messages encouraging voter registration and peace constitute meddling in internal affairs. Parliament Of Zimbabwe also passed legislation criminalizing criticism of govt.

It appears the Zim regime has stopped pretending the 23rd August elections will be free & fair,” writes the Secretary of the Foreign Relations Senate.

By Dr. Masimba Mavaza | The United Nations Convention contains a philosophy of national sovereignty. This implies that every state is the same, regardless of its economic situation. No matter its size or power, a nation must be able to govern itself without outside influence.

The United Nations works to maintain international law, which was broken when sovereignty was breached. American exceptionalism, on the other hand, is the practise of setting norms for others while exempting oneself from those rules. This is an exemption that it has given itself. America ratifies conventions and demands that other countries do the same. America, meanwhile, ruthlessly enforces international laws while refusing to do anything to uphold the same laws in its own country.

We will never forget that although America supports the international court of justice, they chose not to join. America is not obligated by it because it did not agree to it. The ideology of exceptionalism, according to which America enforced laws from which they were exempt. Do as I say, not as I do is essentially what American exceptionalism is saying.
The American embassy in Zimbabwe tweeted a billboard about the elections in Zimbabwe that claimed to be encouraging peace but included people waving two fingers in support of the CCC opposition party.

Only when you feel that your state’s interests are being violated will another state interject. However, they are handled democratically. You reach a decision using democratic procedures. Governments are not changed; instead, deplomagic relations and protocols should be terminated. By meddling with the election, America intends to change Zimbabwe’s leadership.
In the event that friends disagree, we won’t incite your kids to rebel against their own father.

The internal affairs of a sovereign state are being interfered with by America by tweeting a billboard about the elections in Zimbabwe. The actions taken by America are anti-democratic, diabolical, and brutal. This emphasises disdain. They won’t comment on elections in any other nation besides Africa; they won’t do it in Europe or Japan.
Why is it done in Africa? because they were able to enslave them in their own regions after releasing them from their own.

They liberated the slaves from America and thought they ought to use them as slaves in their own countries. America chooses the rulers and refers to this as serving American interests abroad. This is how people in the West refer to American slaves abroad. who is enthusiastic about Washington. They want Zimbabwe to be in this circumstance.

Americans are acting in this way because they think Zimbabwe is of interest to them. Similar to house arrest, this is. Although we are free, we are imprisoned in our homes and countries. There is a superpower that is interfering with our sovereign actions.
Comparing independent nations to Anglo-Saxon nations is absurd. This only occurs in Africa; it never occurs in India or Pakistan.
Africans actually did not experience freedom; therefore, we do not appear to be free, which is why America has no shame and disrespectfully twitted that poster.
This story is about sanctions that appear to be intended to promote democracy. They were working to reform the government. Now that they are disrespectful, all of their actions revolve around changing the government.

The situation at CCC is dire. It will not be placed in the voting booth. America is represented at the voting booth. You will be voting for America if you cast a CCC ballot. They desire to have control over the new administration. How are we going to get away from them. They might stabilise things, produce a few jobs, and turn us into content slaves.
They will give Zimbabwe 4 billion but take away 300 billion. They will invest ten billion and flee with trillions in the long run.
They are interfering with the case phrases and associating with them. meddling with Zimbabwe’s affairs. It is appropriate to formally challenge the American ambassador. We need a statement from our foreign affairs minister.
This should not be tolerated any longer because it is against diplomatic procedure.

Interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state is undoubtedly wrong. We should consider not interfering with a sovereign state, which America is definitely doing. The embassy must follow specific rules of conduct. Insofar as they go beyond domestic concerns, diplomats represent American transcended interests. It transcends national interest.
If someone feels they have been treated unfairly, we should address this according to diplomatic protocol. The role of opposition activists by diplomats is forbidden.
Election-related matters are private and should not be influenced.
Standing on a prominent platform is simple when America is abusing other nations. They charge RSA with providing Russia with weaponry. How on earth can a nation sell arms to a superpower.
America is a blatant bully meddling in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs.
We have long maintained that the installation of puppets is directly related to American sanctions. We have always claimed that the CCC and its forerunners are American puppets. Things are coming to light now that everyone is aware that America beats a dog while concealing the stick.

In the Masvingo magistrates court, there is a tale about one particular attorney. He would use cannabis while using the loo to build up his bravery. He would therefore smoke while using the loo and then go outside to see if anyone was approaching. He will eventually get so high that he will smoke outside before going inside to check things out.
America once smoked inside the bathroom while looking outside. They are currently smoking marijuana outside while using the loo.
America nowadays has no shame. It no longer conceals, therefore it plays pranks by Twitt.
The way Americans treat black people has a longer history. While you are in your own country, America enslaves you. This is not how America would conduct itself towards a European nation.
Americans prescribe to others who they should do business with while trading with rogue nations.
They are unable to tweet from any country. That Zimbabwean poster was disrespectful by tweeting.
the Tune is being called by a very obvious party The CCC won’t be casting a vote. The American government and its Western Allies will be seen where people encounter the CCC. Real parties, not proxies, must be chosen.
America, or any other nation, has no right to meddle in Zimbabwe’s elections. Choosing who should be elected and who should be removed from office is wrong. How democratic is it for a man to choose who represents us in Thsolotso and Chikwaka in America? America is claiming that black people are not human while it promotes democratic concepts and imposes laws on Africans.
Interfering with Zimbabwe’s election is rude and a cowardly act.
Without interference from the American Embassy’s Twitts, which are used to disrupt Zimbabwe’s peace and tranquilly, Zimbabwe must be allowed to conduct its own elections.
We reject foreign meddling because it is evil, extremely gloomy, and astonishing.

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