Mnangagwa Rapes Democracy
4 June 2023
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By A Correspondent

CCC’s Tendai Biti has pointed out that Zanu PF is unwilling to implement reforms before polls.

Biti has also accused the Zanu PF regime of playing hide and seek with citizens.

The tough-talking politician also dencounced Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s shadowy FAZ.

” What is this creature called FAZ?
There is political interference in Zimbabwe s election delivery system by a shadowy group known as #FAZ .We recognize & respect Security Forces set up in Chapter 11 of the Constitution, namely the Army,Police,Prisons & the Intelligence Services. #FAZ is not a constitutional body,” Biti wrote on Twitter.

He also dismissed the Patriotic Bill.

“The election proclamation preempted & ultimately wiped out any possibility for electoral reforms before the election. It was therefore done in bad faith by a regime that is anti -reform. It however creates a constitutional conundrum in that new Constitutional amendments

A sad day indeed as Parliament passed the Patriot Bill this evening. New law is an unprecedented law that seeks to proscribe freedom of association,assembly& speech of any citizen holding a meeting with a foreign government.Not even Apartheid Rhodesia passed such a repugnant law

…political repression in Zimbabwe. It shows beyond doubt that ZANU is not credible nor ready for reforms .It embarrasses those that are naively pushing for debt restructuring in the absence of genuine political reform & an irreversible commitment to reform

It is highly debatable wether constitutional provisions without incorporation in the electoral act can hold.Very regrettable that Zim wades into an election without reforms .A missed opportunity.”