Voters Roll Inspection Update
6 June 2023
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At a time when the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is currently working on the final voters’ roll, fixing problems discovered during the inspection, many have verified their registration status virtually.

Zec carried out a nationwide check last week to correct and clean up mistakes and anomalies on the voter list.

Across the nation, more than 11 000 inspection sites were established to allow voters who registered on or before April 28 to check their registration details. A total of 529 264 males and 648 062 women participated in the physical examination. In addition, a sizable number virtually checked the roll.

People have been asking the electoral administration organisation how their registration information was recorded, and the organisation is finally responding to those questions.

Some members of the public claimed that their names had vanished from the voter list, while others said that their names had indeed been fully struck off.

Ambassador Rodney Kiwa, vice-chairman of Zec, stated that they were currently completing the required revisions and working on the final voters’ list to make way for candidate nominations.

“The rationale for the voters roll inspection is to ensure every registrant is accurately captured on the roll and all corrections made.

“To suggest that members of a particular political party are targeted for exclusion is not only mischievous and preposterous as we are fully independent of any political party influence and in fact when registering voters we do not seek their political alignment. It would be illegal and unethical,” said Amb Kiwa.

On Wednesday last week, President Mnangagwa proclaimed August 23, 2023, as the day on which harmonised elections will be held and fixed June 21, 2023, as the day on which the Nomination Court will sit to consider and accept candidates for Presidential, Parliamentary, and local authority elections.

The Nomination Court will sit at the High Court to consider Presidential candidates while it will sit at all the 10 provincial capitals for Parliamentary candidates.

The President has also set 2 October 2023 as the day for the run-off election, should there be no outright winner in the presidential election as contemplated by the Constitution.

The Nomination Court will sit at all council offices across the country to consider candidates for local authority elections.