Apostle Talent Chiwenga’s Nudes Leak, Viral Audios
7 June 2023
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Apostle Talent Chiwenga’s Confessions Unveil a Troubled Preacher’s Sins.

By Dorrothy Moyo |



Apostle Talent Chiwenga, a popular preacher in Zimbabwe, recently made shocking confessions that have sent shockwaves through his congregation and the wider community. The preacher, known for his fiery sermons and controversial statements, admitted to the leaked circulation of explicit images of himself and confirmed the authenticity of viral audio recordings instructing a female lover on what to say. These revelations have brought to light a web of deceit, infidelity, and personal failings that challenge Chiwenga’s credibility as a spiritual leader. In this article, we delve into the details of his confessions and the implications they hold.

A Fallen Shepherd.

Apostle Chiwenga, in a series of heartfelt narratives, pleaded with his supporters, acknowledging that he is a sinner who was chosen by God despite his shortcomings. His confession validates earlier claims made by his mother-in-law, which he initially tried to dismiss, suggesting that he had cheated on his wife before her tragic demise in a road accident. Chiwenga had previously attempted to shift blame onto the Zimbabwean government, but in his recent confession, he admitted to speeding at twice the limit on the dangerous Masvingo road, notorious for its poor conditions and frequent accidents.

Infidelity and False Predictions

The preacher’s shocking admission also shed light on his numerous acts of adultery. The woman featured in the incriminating audio recordings was revealed to be his own maid, exposing a pattern of illicit relationships that extend beyond this particular instance. These revelations, combined with his previous false predictions, erode the trust and faith placed in him by his followers.

Blaming Congregants and Temptations

In his recorded confession, Chiwenga attempts to shift the blame onto his congregants, suggesting that it is the women who continuously approach him that lead him astray. However, this explanation falls short of justifying his actions and disregards the responsibility he bears as a spiritual leader. The admission of infidelity raises questions about his integrity, moral compass, and ability to lead a congregation effectively.

Repercussions and Impact

The fallout from Apostle Chiwenga’s confessions is likely to be significant. His credibility as a preacher, once revered and respected, has been severely tarnished. Congregants who placed their trust in him may now question their allegiance, and the wider public will scrutinize his teachings and prophetic claims more closely. The scandal has also resurrected memories of his past false predictions, such as his denial of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s involvement in the deployment of soldiers during a violent incident that resulted in several fatalities.


Apostle Talent Chiwenga’s shocking confessions have exposed a troubled preacher whose personal failings have compromised his position as a spiritual leader. The admission of infidelity, combined with previous false predictions and attempts to deflect blame, casts doubt on his integrity and ability to guide his followers. As the aftermath of this scandal unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Chiwenga can regain the trust he has lost and continue his ministry.