Muchinguri Humiliated
7 June 2023
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By Farai D Hove | In a shocking turn of events, Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri has become the target of intense criticism on social media platforms after demanding that citizens observe the controversial Patriotic Bill. The bill, which has been widely criticized as unconstitutional and unlawful, has sparked outrage among Zimbabwean citizens.

The incident unfolded on the internet when a user, identified as T Mudhomoki, confronted Muchinguri regarding the government’s alleged violations of the principles outlined in the Patriotic Bill. The user further accused the entire government, including the cabinet and the presidium, of engaging in corrupt activities and collaborating with foreign criminals who have been looting the nation’s resources, thus worsening the already troubled economy.

The backlash against Muchinguri gained significant attention after the recent broadcasting of the “GoldMafia” documentary. The documentary revealed the involvement of well-known convicted criminals in collusion with President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s family, leading to the looting of gold and US dollars. This exposé further fueled public anger and intensified the criticism against the government’s handling of national resources.

The Twitter post (pictured) by T Mudhomoki, which garnered over 34,000 views, expressed a determination to utilize the very Patriotic Bill that Muchinguri supports to teach the government a lesson in patriotism. This comment reflects the frustration and disappointment felt by a large portion of the Zimbabwean population.

The Muchinguri tweet

The controversial demand made by the Defence Minister has drawn attention from various sectors, with legal experts and civil society organizations pointing out the unconstitutional nature of the Patriotic Bill. Critics argue that it infringes upon individual freedoms, stifles dissent, and undermines democratic values.

In response to the growing online uproar, Muchinguri’s office released a statement asserting her commitment to upholding the rule of law and claiming that the Patriotic Bill is in the best interest of the nation. The statement urged citizens to engage in constructive dialogue rather than resorting to social media attacks.

As the social media storm rages on, the incident involving Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri has once again brought to the forefront the concerns regarding the government’s handling of national resources and its commitment to upholding democratic principles. The public’s discontent and demands for accountability continue to reverberate across Zimbabwe, leaving the government facing a critical test of its ability to address these grievances effectively.