Prophet Caught In Bed With Married Woman
9 June 2023
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Drama ensued when a Kwekwe self-styled prophet was caught trying to have sex with a married woman during a healing session at his shrine and fled completely nude.

The prophet, who has only been identified as Chikandamina and is currently missing from the Amaveni suburb, is said to have left in his birthday suit after being exposed by the woman’s husband.

Emmanuel Mahoko, a police spokesperson for the Midlands province, verified the event.

He claimed, “We confirm that we are hunting down a prophet who attempted to rape his client as he told her that he needed to sleep with her so as to cast out the evil spirit that was tormenting her,” he said.

According to legend, the woman went to a prophet named Chikandamina at his shrine in the Amaveni neighbourhood because she was so anxious to be healed.

He informed her that having intercourse with her was a requirement of the treatment session.

The woman informed her husband via WhatsApp that Chikandamina was enticing her into having sex with him while he was still trying to get her to do so. The report claimed that when the husband arrived on the scene, he discovered his wife lying on the ground as the prophet was changing into his pants and getting ready to attack her.

Chikandamina ran naked, holding his underwear and pair of pants, when he saw the woman’s husband.

The couple informed the police about the event.- state media