Mutsvangwa Caught On Camera Chopping Money In US Aboard Private Jet Despite Sanctions-Anger Banger
10 June 2023
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ZANU PF Information Secretary has been caught on camera riding a private jet leaving Gary Chicago Airport on his way together with his minister wife to New York.

Chris Mutsvangwa Aberdeen private jet leaving Indiana

Mutsvangwa, has recently attracted attention with his twisting shift in position regarding sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the United States. In 2017, Mutsvangwa stated that sanctions were no excuse for bad leadership in his country. However, in 2023, he has now accused the US government of actively working towards the destruction of Zimbabwe. This abrupt change in rhetoric raises questions about the motives behind Mutsvangwa’s shifting stance and the deeper implications for Zimbabwe’s relationship with the United States.

A History of Sanctions:

The United States, along with several other countries, has maintained sanctions on Zimbabwe for many years, citing concerns over human rights abuses, electoral irregularities, and democratic deficits. These sanctions primarily target individuals and entities believed to be involved in undermining democratic processes and violating human rights. The aim is to exert pressure on the Zimbabwean government to address these issues and promote reforms.

Mutsvangwa’s Initial Position:

In 2017, Mutsvangwa, a former ambassador to China and a prominent figure within ZANU PF, acknowledged the negative impact of sanctions but emphasized that they should not serve as an excuse for bad governance. He argued that Zimbabwe’s leadership should focus on implementing policies that would strengthen the economy, improve social conditions, and address the concerns raised by the international community. His stance at the time aligned with the government’s narrative of pursuing domestic reforms irrespective of external pressures.

Mutsvangwa’s Accusations:

The sudden shift in Mutsvangwa’s position in 2023 has surprised many observers. He has now accused the US government of actively seeking to destroy Zimbabwe through its continued enforcement of sanctions. According to Mutsvangwa, the sanctions have stifled economic growth, hampered development, and contributed to the suffering of ordinary Zimbabweans. He has claimed that the US has ulterior motives and aims to undermine the government’s legitimacy, impede progress, and maintain its dominance over African nations.

Potential Motives:

Understanding the reasons behind Mutsvangwa’s change in position requires examining the broader context of Zimbabwean politics and international dynamics. There are several potential motives that could explain his sudden shift:

1. Political Strategy: Mutsvangwa’s altered stance may be a strategic move to consolidate power within ZANU PF or maintain his own political relevance. By aligning himself with popular sentiments against sanctions, he could appeal to a broader base of supporters.

2. Changing Political Landscape: Shifts in global and regional politics can influence individual perspectives. Mutsvangwa might have adjusted his position in response to changing dynamics, such as evolving alliances or geopolitical considerations that could impact Zimbabwe’s relations with the United States.

3. Internal Power Struggles: Mutsvangwa’s change in position could be related to internal power struggles within ZANU PF or the broader government. It’s possible that his shift is a reflection of changing dynamics within the ruling party, which could be seeking to deflect blame for the country’s economic challenges onto external factors.

Implications for Zimbabwe-US Relations:

Mutsvangwa’s accusations against the United States could further strain the already tense relationship between the two countries. The accusations of deliberate destruction could escalate the rhetoric and hinder potential avenues for dialogue and cooperation. It is essential for both parties to engage in constructive dialogue, address concerns, and work towards resolving their differences in order to facilitate Zimbabwe’s economic recovery and political stability.


The sudden change in Christopher Mutsvangwa’s position on sanctions, from acknowledging their impact but advocating for good governance to accusing the US of actively destroying Zimbabwe, raises questions about his motivations and the broader implications for Zimbabwe