ZEC Secretly Shifts Wards To Help Hopewell Chin’ono’s Falsehoods That Chamisa’s Failed To Field Candidates
11 June 2023
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ZEC has secretly altered boundaries by moving Ward 7 from Chimanimani West to East

By A Correspondent | In an apparent attempt to decorate falsehoods flung by populistic film maker Hopewell Chin’ono that suggest Nelson Chamisa is failing to field Candidates in Chimanimani, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission has shifted wards for the area.

Last month Hopewell Chin’ono (who confesses to assisting Vice President Constantino Chiwenga blame doctors treating wounded activists over the state’s electoral violence), celebrated a Newsday article that quotes his own falsehoods about the Nelson Chamisa led CCC party in Chimanimani.

Chinono who, faced with serious allegations of money laundering since 1997, has failed to disclose the financier for his first £50,000 worth sportscar he says he purchased in 1996 at 25, re posted his own falsehoods that claim that Chimanimani has 22 wards when they are actually 25.

He placated the Newsday article that has no new detail other than his own personal suggestions accusing Chamisa’s party of incompetence.

He announced saying: “Today’s @NewsDayZimbabwe reports that; “CCC struggles for rural candidates.”

“When I reported this story last week, I was called a liar, someone even said I had a dirty agenda.

“It is fascist to stop journalists from reporting news because you don’t like the content of the news.”

Chimanimani residents last week told ZimEye, they are not amused by the man who makes people call him DaddyHope, and local citizen journo, VOA contributor and party supporter, Mr Pardon Maguta said, “I have seen one of the posts from DeadHope… that the CCC is struggling to get candidates to the 2 constituencies and 22 wards… Chimanimani according to the new delimitation doesn’t have 22 wards… actually there have been an addition of 2 more wards for Chimanimani, both East and west, making Chimanimani have 25 wards, because previously we had 23 wards, which makes DeadHope’s claims false and totally wrong; he doesn’t have the correct information about Chimanimani… VIDEO:

“To move further, CCC didn’t struggle to get candidates;actually we had a lot of candidates for both constituencies, and in actual fact, all the wards have been fielded there, we have candidates for the general elections, so we don’t know where DeadHope is getting this information, actually he is misleading the people; if he has hatred for the CCC, or the president of the CCC, he doesn’t have the create fiction to please some people.

“These are all lies that DeadHope uttered that CCC in Chimanimani is failing to find candidates or people to represent it- the people are there, CCC is waiting for the elections… in his journalism he needs to gather facts, not try to discourage people or give the wrong picture that suggests CCC has already lost the election to Zanu PF… We are waiting for the election, and we hope to do better,” said Maguta.

Meanwhile, Chin’ono who last year threatened the Al Jazeera documentary researcher, Simba Chikanza in favour of and protecting Emmerson Mnangagwa’s wife, Auxillia, saying a publishing deadline he (Chikanza) had announced was blackmail against the First Lady on 15 May 2022, was at the time of writing still to respond to criticism over his recent statements at the SAPES Trust in which he claims he is mediating between Auxillia Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa for a government of national unity, something the CCC leader publicly rubbishes.

Award winning human rights defender, Mako Haruzivishe, and 2 other activists allege Chin’ono in January 2019 leaked to the military secret locations of tortured activists leading to them being found and assaulted when the government killed 17 people and agents raped over 50 women.

ZEC has secretly altered boundaries by moving Ward 7 from Chimanimani West to East, reports the fact checking group, Pachedu. ZEC must explain why they are still gerrymandering constituencies, Pachedu continues.