Mai TT Smiles In Prison Attire
19 June 2023
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By- Jailed popular comedienne Felistas Murata’s prison gab picture has gone viral, with people expressing mixed feelings towards her conviction.

Known as Mai TT, the comedian was sentenced to an effective nine (9) months imprisonment in the entertainment cycles.

Murata was convicted of theft of trust property of a hired car.

Last week a Harare Magistrate sent Mai TT to jail after saying she was not eligible for community services.

Below were the reasons for sentencing:

The court considered that the accused is a female offender who has two minor children. It’s a well-settled position that sentencing should be rational and fair.

The court takes cognisant that she didn’t benefit from the offence as the car was recovered. The court appreciates that the conviction already embarrasses her but a fine would trivialize the offence.

Community service would have been appropriate, but she has proven that she’s not eligible for community service. She is therefore sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, 6 months are suspended on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offence in the next five years, and 6 months are effective.
For defaulting on 105 hours of community service 8 years ago, she will now serve three months in prison.