Armed robbers terrorise villagers in Gutu
20 June 2023
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Staff Reporter

Gutu – Hundreds of villagers have succuumbed to brutal harassment, beatings, lost cash and property in the last week with Mnangagwa government aloof, it has been revealed.

The thieves have pounced on hapless villagers in area under Chief Makore in Gutu South Constituency and yesterday reportedly had inroads in Chief Mutema area.

People who have been prey to these robbers could hardly explain their losses.

What has puzzled many is that no arrests have been recorded even when reports have been made timeously.
‘Police are not there when we live in terrible times.
‘Not even the sitting MP Togarepi has ever said anything.
‘These people are obscessed with power when we are in abject poverty and robbed’ they fumed.
People have reportedly deserted their homes to squarter for safety.
Commentators have castigated the second republic for standing aloof when people are suffering.
This is a blow to Mnangagwa and his government especially in the run up to watershed elections.
CCC is poised to win this year’s elections viz a vis the silence of police and tired Zanu PF leaders.