Mai TT Turns To God In Prison
20 June 2023
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 By-Convicted famous comedian Mai TT, has turned to God in prison.

Mai TT told the state media Monday that God put her in prison for a reason that she has come to terms with the fact that jail will be her home for the next several months.

She made the revelations on Monday on the sidelines of a party hosted for the children of inmates at Chikurubi Female Prison. She said:

I am yet to accept that I have to stay behind these walls and get used to such an uncomfortable environment.

What came into my mind on my second day in my cell was my idea of visiting this same prison years ago.

I pleaded with prison officials to allow me to spend one night with inmates, but they denied me that chance, arguing that their protocol does not consider such requests.

I was touched by the living conditions of inmates, especially innocent babies, accompanying their mothers in prison.

I wanted to know more and little did I know that one day I would be counted among inmates kwete zvekunyepera kana kukumbira.

I want to believe that God is the one who gave me the idea to visit the prison and donate sanitary wear and food that year.

Ndakazarurirwa kuti ndiMwari akazoona zvakanaka kuti ndiuye nenzira inouya nevazhinji vavo.

A new chapter of my life has started and I need more grace to endure until I complete my sentence.

Ndiwo unonzi mutsanyo uyu, ndakamboramba kudya asi ndinonzwa kushumirwa neumwe mutowo, it’s painful.

It is my prayer that all those mocking me continue to do so, maybe, I will find favour in God’s eyes and He will get me out of this place.

God is in control and His grace will take me through the race.

The party was hosted by Collen Abrahams, who is the son-in-law of Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service Commissioner General, Moses Chihobvu.

Mai TT was last week sentenced to an effective nine (9) months imprisonment following her conviction for theft of trust property.

She was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment, 6 months were suspended on condition that she doesn’t commit a similar offense in the next 5 years. It means she will serve an effective 6 months for the offence.

During the trial at the Harare Magistrates Court, it emerged that Mai TT defaulted on a court order, to perform community service once, following a conviction for assault eight years ago.

For defaulting on 105 hours of community service, Mai TT was ordered to serve 3 months in prison.

In total, Mai TT will serve 9 months in prison.