Harare Poly Bans Nudity
29 June 2023
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By- Harare Polytechnic has banned wearing ripped and skimpy clothing on campus.

The ban applies to students, lecturers and visitors.

Harare Polytechnic principal, Tafadzwa Mudondo, said the move was not aimed at suppressing individuality but to create an environment that is inclusive for every student.
He said the requirement of decent dressing by students was aimed at promoting a conducive learning environment, without fashion taking centre stage.
“We require decent dressing by students and do not promote nakedness.
“Imagine you are teaching in class and the students are partially dressed, what do you think the lecturer will be going through?” he said.
While some students were apprehensive about the change, others appreciated it, saying that it would promote respect between lecturers and students.
“It came at short notice and most of my clothes are now banned.
“I thought since we are tertiary students we can make our own choices, but it doesn’t look to be the case.
“I was coming to collect my results and did not know anything about the new dress code,” said a student who was barred from gaining entry.
The female student was wearing ripped jeans.
However, another student accepted the change.
“Some female students were coming here half naked, and it is not conducive.
“The new dress code will help promote respect between lecturers and students,” said the engineering student. H Metro