Agilitee To Power The Education Industry
5 July 2023
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By A Correspondent| Africa’s first full electric vehicle manufacturer, Agilitee Limited is now taking a lead in driving the education industry into the green revolution.

Agilitee recently signed an agreement with one of the largest universities in South Africa to build short-term courses, whereas through Agilitee will provide practical training in its facilities in partnership with its Chinese partners and the universities would then provide the theoretical training and accreditation.

Agilitee is looking to partner with five universities and five colleges in each country in Africa. This will empower the students not just with knowledge but also with skills that will enable them to easily find jobs and some to venture into business.

Speaking on this on the sidelines, founder and CEO, Dr Mandla Lamba, stated, “we are thrilled to be playing a part in the shaping of a new Africa where all can forge ahead with their dreams and succeed respectively. We are working hard towards empowering the next generation towards innovation and creativity and we bless God for giving us an opportunity to play this role.”

Agilitee is in talks with universities in Kenya and Nigeria and the CEO promises an update soon.