WestProp Holdings Continues to Captivate the Property Market with Penthouse Offering at Millennium City
13 July 2023
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WESTPROP Holdings, a prominent player in the property market, is set to reinforce its leading position by unveiling its highly anticipated penthouse offering at Millennium City. This latest venture solidifies the company’s commitment to bringing a touch of “Dubai to Zimbabwe.”

The forthcoming blocks at the Millennium Heights development will house these exquisite penthouses, which will be tailored to meet individual requests. This addition is expected to inject vitality into the local property market, granting Zimbabweans the opportunity to fulfill their longstanding desire for luxury properties akin to those found around the world.

There have been numerous reports of Zimbabweans investing in penthouses situated in South Africa and Dubai. These iconic residences have become synonymous with affluence, symbolizing a premium luxury lifestyle. Typically located on the top floor, they offer unparalleled panoramic views that epitomize opulence.

The origin of penthouses can be traced back to the 1920s during the American economic boom, as a testament to their enduring appeal.

Considering the exclusive nature of this development, WESTPROP Holdings advises interested customers to act swiftly as only a limited number of units will be available throughout the entire project, with Block 4 housing a mere 1 or 2 units. Securing a future home in this prestigious development should be a top priority for prospective buyers.