Exclusive Interview with Richard Musiyadzaanikwa, a Staunch Supporter of Kasukuwere
15 July 2023
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Date: 14 July 2023

Richard Musiyadzaanikwa, an ardent supporter of former government official Saviour Kasukuwere, shed light on the qualities and capabilities of his preferred presidential candidate.

Musiyadzaanikwa highlighted several key points, including Kasukuwere’s government experience, his capacity to defeat ZANU-PF, and the importance of a fair electoral process.

Here’s what he had to say:

  1. Kasukuwere’s Extensive Government Experience:

Musiyadzaanikwa emphasized that Kasukuwere’s previous role in government provided him with a deep understanding of its dynamics. His experience positions him well to tackle the challenges that Zimbabwe faces, making him a suitable candidate for the presidency.

  1. Kasukuwere’s Ability to Defeat ZANU-PF:

According to Musiyadzaanikwa, Kasukuwere has the capacity to successfully compete against the ruling party, ZANU-PF, in the upcoming elections. He believes that Kasukuwere’s unique perspective and fresh approach offer a genuine alternative for Zimbabwean voters.

  1. A Call for Fairness in Election Campaigning:

Musiyadzaanikwa emphasized the importance of allowing Kasukuwere to contest and campaign without hindrance, just like any other presidential candidate. He stressed the significance of a level playing field, ensuring that Kasukuwere has an equal opportunity to engage with the electorate and articulate his vision for the country.

  1. Strong Support for Kasukuwere:

The passionate supporter asserted that as long as Kasukuwere’s name remains on the ballot, he and many other supporters will enthusiastically vote for him. Musiyadzaanikwa believes that Kasukuwere represents the best way forward for Zimbabwe.

  1. Kasukuwere’s Wide Following:

Musiyadzaanikwa stated that Kasukuwere enjoys a substantial following across Zimbabwe. People believe in his capabilities and are inspired by his leadership qualities. This widespread support is a testament to the appeal Kasukuwere holds among the populace.

  1. Understanding the Needs of the Youth:

According to Musiyadzaanikwa, Kasukuwere comprehends the needs and aspirations of the youth in Zimbabwe. This understanding has garnered significant backing from the younger generation, who see Kasukuwere as a champion for their concerns and aspirations.

  1. Allegations of Political Resistance from ZANU-PF:

Musiyadzaanikwa alleges that ZANU-PF’s resistance against Kasukuwere stems from their fear of his potential victory in the elections. He claims that the ruling party is attempting to prevent Kasukuwere from participating as they recognize his ability to emerge successful.

  1. Challenging Discrimination Against Kasukuwere:

Musiyadzaanikwa expressed concern over the disqualification of Kasukuwere’s nomination due to his time spent outside the country. He contends that many other presidential candidates have been in similar circumstances but are still allowed to contest. He believes that this is a clear violation of Kasukuwere’s rights.

Finally, Musiyadzaanikwa passionately urged all Zimbabweans, including war veterans, youths, and war collaborators, to rally behind Saviour Kasukuwere and vote for him. He believes that Kasukuwere is the candidate who can steer Zimbabwe towards a brighter future. With his extensive governmental experience, appeal among the youth, and a broad base of supporters, Kasukuwere represents a strong contender in the upcoming elections.